Gebrueder Christ OHG was founded in 1973 by the brothers Wolfgang Christ and Hanspeter Christ as a marketing and service company, supporting national and international manufacturers of frozen and chilled food products in their German sales activities. The company quickly grew and in the past 40 years specialized in the field of the international trade of poultry, poultry meats, poultry products and related items.
Today’s activity covers the whole range of poultry products, starting with hatching eggs, all the way through to chilled and frozen carcasses, cuts and parts as well as convenience products, such as cooked hen meat, fully cooked and coated broiler meat portions etc. Turkey and chicken cuts have the largest share in volume and value with consistent sales of duck meat and rabbit as well. French, English, Italian and Central-European poultry is marketed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, while product originating from South America and China is sold throughout the whole European Union, Switzerland and in several other markets.
Most of the major European poultry verticals and food manufacturers, using, processing and trading poultry meat, are traditionally among our customers.

We are interested in stable long-term trading relationships with both partners - our suppliers and our customers. We provide them not only with a great deal of experience but also a reliable service of consultancy based on international know-how in production, marketing and sales, including import / export administration. We dispose of an efficient, well trained, highly motivated, experienced staff, that operates worldwide from our offices in Frankfurt, Germany.